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Creative Spark by Tara Leaver

Creative Spark: {re}igniting your creativity with everyday wisdom

by Tara Leaver

My book, available in paperback from Amazon

Life and how to do it: poems for humans

by Tara Leaver

Available now in paperback

Color for Clarity

Color for Clarity: Adult Coloring Book and Meditation Prompts

A collaboration with five other artists, available in paperback from Amazon


Find Your Style

Twelve artists share insights and stories on what it means to find an artistic style, with practical suggestions you can apply today to help you develop your own.

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“It’s great fun to learn about how another artist is navigating her world. I like all the art tips too. You seem to simply want to help and nurture and empathize and share your experience. It’s a breath of fresh air." —Ellen Stoune

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