Artist Statement


In 2016 I had an aha moment. It was about freedom; what it means for me, what it could mean, how it shapes a life. Like dominos, memories from across my life starting falling into each other, showing me all the places I hadn’t been free, and all the places I was desperate for it and didn’t know. A door opened in my life and in my art, and I stepped through. I step through it now every time I paint.

And so my art is an ever evolving expression of what freedom feels like.

My current work centres on abstract landscapes, inspired by a deep love of the sea and the natural sense of freedom it both demonstrates and elicits. I want the paintings to be evocative and suggestive rather than descriptive. These are not real places you can visit, although they might feel familiar; they come from feelings and memories, and often lead into an enticing ‘beyond’, an imaginary place that is undefined and open to your unique interpretation and desires.

I work fast and loose in mixed media, using mainly acrylics, charcoal, gesso, oil bars and water soluble Inktense blocks, with tissue paper layers a more recent addition. Switching up my materials as I work keeps me feeling free :) and allows for surprises during the process.

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Past Exhibitions


May 2010

  • Artists Open Houses, Buller Road, Brighton

November 2010 – Jan 2011

  • James Hull, Ship Street, Brighton

February – March 2011

  • Lulu and Hitch, Hove
  • Lily and Harold, Shoreham
  • Pizza Express, Hove

May 2011

  • Artists Open Houses, Glooh Baah House, Brighton

July 2011

  • Mad Hatter Cafe, Brighton

August 2011

  • JAG Gallery, Brighton

November 2012

  • The Toll House Gallery and Cafe, Lindfield


  • Caffe Bar Italia, Hove
  • Salvage Cafe, Hove

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