Artist Statement


In 2016 I had an aha moment. It was about freedom; what it means for me, what it could mean, how it shapes a life. Like dominos, memories from across my life starting falling into each other, showing me all the places I hadn’t been free, and all the places I was desperate for it and didn’t know. A door opened in my life and in my art, and I stepped through. I step through it now every time I paint.

And so my art is an ever evolving expression of what freedom feels like.

My current work centres on abstract landscapes, inspired by a deep love of the sea and the natural sense of freedom it both demonstrates and elicits. Moving to Cornwall in 2017 has inevitably impacted my work, prompting an ongoing quest to express the sense of light and space I experience here ever more clearly in my paintings.


Home // Tara Leaver

I want the paintings to be evocative and suggestive rather than descriptive. These are not real places you can visit, although they might feel familiar; they come from feelings and memories, and often lead into an enticing ‘beyond’, an imaginary place that is undefined and open to your unique interpretation and desires.

I work fast and loose in mixed media, using mainly acrylics, charcoal, gesso, oil bars and water soluble Inktense blocks, with tissue paper layers a more recent addition. Switching up my materials as I work keeps me feeling free :) and allows for surprises during the process.



  • June: Out of the Blue Gallery, Marazion


  • Caffe Bar Italia, Hove
  • Salvage Cafe, Hove


  • November: The Toll House Gallery and Cafe, Lindfield


  • August: JAG Gallery, Brighton
  • July: Mad Hatter Cafe, Brighton
  • MayArtists Open Houses, Glooh Baah House, Brighton
  • February – March: Lulu and Hitch, Hove |  Lily and Harold, Shoreham  |  Pizza Express, Hove


  • November – Jan 2011: James Hull, Ship Street, Brighton
  • May: Artists Open Houses, Buller Road, Brighton

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