Artist Inspired

Artist Inspired :: Enrich your art with ideas from the masters 

You love making art.

There’s nothing quite like the rush of initial inspiration and the dream state of being in the zone as you create.

But sometimes you feel dry and uninspired, or stuck in a rut, and it can be hard to move out of that place.

I’ve been there, many many times. I understand the frustration, and Artist Inspired is my response to that need for fresh new energy to reawaken the muse.

What is Artist Inspired?

It’s two things.

It is an offering of painting ideas inspired by some of the great masters of art history, designed to enliven and enrich your art practice.

And it is you, by the time you have taken the course. :)

If you’ve been making art for a while and simply feel you’ve lost your way a bit, or even if you’re new to expressing yourself artistically, this course will give you ideas, prompts, visuals, and resources to spark that delicious feeling that often comes just before you rush to put brush to canvas or pencil to paper. The one that has you saying, “I want to try that!”

We’ll be borrowing styles and techniques from some much loved artists from history, while expanding and developing our own abilities, and coming up with a style all our own in the process.

It’s not about imitating the masters directly. It’s about immersing ourselves in the visual feast available to us and allowing that to inform our work with a felt understanding of new ways to use our tools.

inspired by chagall

It’s about experimenting, responding to what makes us gasp, and weaving it into how we already most love to work.


Artist Inspired is for you if you:

  • are interested in art history
  • want to make art but need a jumping off point
  • are feeling stuck in your current art practice
  • need some help to develop your personal artistic style
  • need inspiration but don’t have time for a lengthy full-on course


“Tara knows how to make us feel comfortable, as she always encourages, never makes any judgement. Moreover, she’s keen on putting us in a creative mindset. I’ve noticed that as I do the exercises she’s suggesting, I always have ideas to create more and I do so! I love also the way each lesson is a little useful brick to build the wall. She gives us some clues and suggestions that support us in making the art by ourselves.

Artist Inspired was essential to me to understand more about the creative process, and how our creativity can also be nurtured by experiencing the work of the Masters. Kandinsky was a great experience! His paintings are not my favourite ones but the prompt which incited us to paint while listening to music was real magic for me! I feel uninhibited in my art now!”  

Sophie Kerdellant, Pinceaux, Couteaux, Tableaux 


Ready to start making art again?

This course is Pay What You Like. Sometimes we all need a bit of extra help on the artist path, and I want you to be able to enjoy the option of a full course without breaking the bank. So truly, whatever you would like to or are able to pay, is perfect.


“I get your Artnotes and have done some of your courses and I really appreciate them. This one has helped me try and find my voice. Not altogether found yet, but I do know it’s not Klimt! I will return to the classes over and over as I explore. Your FB group page also provides a supportive space.”

Lesley Kahn

What’s Included?

When you take Artist Inspired, you’ll receive:

* two emails a week for four weeks, each including a lesson, a video, prompts, ideas, resources and of course plenty of images to make art inspired by those who have gone before us

* an optional invitation to join the private Facebook group for anyone who takes any of my courses

* a gorgeous 30 page ebook containing the whole course at the end, including extra resources

* a wealth of inspiration, covering styles, colours, tools, approaches, concepts, the works!

* a renewed sense of excitement, creativity and exploration with which to approach your art

“Having signed up for a number of creative art courses this summer, I was champing at the bit to get started sooner, but being a virtual beginner, I just didn’t know where to start. And then I discovered Tara’s website… and hey presto! Her ecourse was exactly what I needed to get off the starting block and get inspired. I loved her short, simple and easy to follow video clips. It was like being in a classroom, but in the comfort of your own home, and with a rewind/pause button directed at the teacher!

The private Facebook group is such a bonus…sharing your work for constructive critique. I have also felt totally comfortable in picking and choosing the artists that I felt I could emulate without giving myself a hard time and not liking the result. The course is very good value for money which also takes any pressure off. Thank you, Tara – for bringing your gifts to us aspirational amateurs!” Jane Reiger


 Who Am I?

march15_2smI’m Tara, artist, writer, and creative encourager. :) I have been where you are, many times! I’ve lost touch with my connection to inspiration and I’ve found my way back, and continue to do so.

I deeply believe that we are all innately and infinitely creative no matter what we may believe about it – and it’s not as difficult to reawaken your creative source as you may think.

I endeavour always to walk my talk, and part of what I do is to use myself as an example when it comes to lessons of all kinds learned in the studio. I regularly receive lovely comments about my transparency and honesty about what it means to live a creative lifestyle, and the ups and the downs of making art regularly.

With Artist Inspired I’ve combined my love of art history with some super simple ideas to jump start your art!


The Practical Detailsinspired by Kandinsky

You will receive 8 full lessons ~ or Inspirations, rather ~ delivered to your inbox over 4 weeks, all combined into a gorgeous ebook at the end for you to keep and refer to. Every section is bursting with images, ideas, links, resources and prompts, as well as a brief background on the chosen artist and a video to inspire you. You also receive an optional invitation to join the Facebook group for all participants in any of my courses, so that you can connect and share with other artists.


Course Schedule

1 :: Chagall’s Flowers Inspiration

2 :: Modigliani’s Nudes Inspiration

3 :: Kandinsky’s Music Paintings Inspiration

4 :: Miro’s Symbolism Inspiration

5 :: Klimt’s Decorative Paintings Inspiration

6 :: Monet’s Light Paintings Inspiration

7 :: Matisse’s Colour Inspiration

8 :: Twombly’s Mark Making Inspiration


Ready to spark up your art practice?

Frequently Asked Questions

{PLEASE NOTE: If you live in the European Union (excluding the UK) VAT will be added to the total when you check out.}

I feel a bit awkward about the whole ‘pay what you like’ thing.

I totally get it. :) On the other hand, I have deliberately set it up this way so that you have access to a full course that can really help you reinvigorate your art practice and spark new ideas at a price that you can afford today. Because now is always the best time to pick up the brush! And it’s easy to lose momentum if we’re waiting for funds to be available. Please know you can’t offend me with your offering; whatever you have available and whatever will reflect the value of feeling inspired and taking action is just perfect. The basket starts at £1; feel completely free to offer whatever feels right to you.

How does it work?

When you click the ‘Buy Now’ button, a box will pop up and you can put in the amount you’d like to pay for the course. After the purchase has been processed {which should be more or less instantly}, you will immediately begin receiving your course e-mails so that you can start getting inspired to make art right away!

What will I need?

You can use whatever art supplies you already own. I do not provide a materials list for this course as every lesson is adaptable whatever your preferred drawing or painting medium. To give you an idea, in the videos I use acrylics, soft pastels, water soluble crayons and charcoal. You could do the entire course in one medium, it’s entirely up to you.

Do you provide feedback on my work?

Because Artist Inspired is a self study course, there is no live component or formal means of feedback. However, my experience as both a student and a teacher online has shown me how important it is to be able to connect with other artists, share your work and have a place to ask questions and receive guidance and encouragement. So while the main body of the course will come to you through your inbox, you will also be given the link to the private Facebook group where participants from any and all courses I create can meet, connect and share. You can also email me at with any questions.

How long will I need for each lesson?

All the videos are between 5 and 15 minutes long, and the accompanying PDFs will take just a few minutes to read through; they are designed to be inspiration, not lengthy in depth ‘how tos’, as it needn’t take much to spark new ideas. How long you spend exploring is up to you! And of course, you can return again and again to each one, as they contain plenty of ideas and approaches to try.

When can I sign up?

Any time! The course is permanently available so you can fit it in at a time that suits you.



What are people saying?

inspired by klimt“Tara’s art work expresses her Spirit so effortlessly and boldly.  And what I love, love, LOOOOVE about Tara is that she is always stretching herself creatively and looking for new ways to grow and be authentic in her expression.  What more could you ask for from a teacher!?”         Connie Hozvicka  

“I love the videos where we get to see you working. It is so inspiring to see another artist work and to see the beginning steps of a drawing or painting and watch it develop from a rough idea into something beautiful and complete.”
  Donna Druchunas

“Artist inspired was a great delight! I enjoyed watching Tara work her magic using such wonderful artists as inspiration. I was fascinated to learn more about the history of the artists and the work they produced. I was delighted and surprised that I was then able to go off and play and have fun with these inspirations. The aptly named ‘Artist inspired’ is a great course to get to know different artists style, history and techniques and then play with those styles yourself.”
 Jo Collyer  


Ready to be inspired?

Pay what you like and get your hands newly painty today. :)