Art studio peek :: 5 mini painting process videos

Art studio peek - 5 mini painting process videos

An artist’s process is always going to be two things:

  1. Utterly unique to them
  2. Constantly shifting and evolving
  3. Bonus thing: absolutely fascinating

There is something universally appealing about getting to see artists at work in their studios, for artists and non artists alike. There’s a mysterious quality to what goes on, because even if you get to watch an artist ‘at play’, most of the process is happening internally, on another level altogether.

I think of process then as having an inside element and an outside element. We can talk about our inside process using words, and that can be fascinating and enlightening, but is also limited to what words can convey. And we can watch people making art, and see the physical process, without a clue what’s going on under the surface.

It’s like life; you can watch {and learn from} the surface, or you can watch {and learn from} what’s happening beneath it. Or both, ideally!

I talk a lot about my internal process here because I know that it can be very helpful to have it described. We naturally look to others {myself included} for similarities and differences of experience, to see where we might make things easier for ourselves, for reassurance, or to be inspired. And I also talk about it because quite honestly, I find it endlessly fascinating!

Sometimes on Instagram I post little snippets of myself making my art by sharing short videos. They’re always popular – who doesn’t love a peep into an artist’s studio in {more or less} real time? – so I thought I’d share a few here too, since I know not everyone is on Instagram. :)

Obviously these can only really show surface process, but there are still things to be learned and the simple pleasure of watching art supplies transform. Note: the last two have music.

Enlivening a stale drawing

This video was to demonstrate that if you’re feeling stuck in a bit of a rut {as I was with this sketchbook drawing}, finding you’re making the same marks over and over, then simply switching hands can bring a new energy to the work by introducing marks you tend not to make with your dominant hand.


Sketchbook peek

Here’s a glimpse inside my current sketchbook. Sharing this feels strangely vulnerable, as I often make art that I don’t intend to see the light of day! But I think it’s an important part of process to acknowledge that some pages don’t work out how we’d have liked, or are simply stepping stones to other ideas. Also it’s a great way to see development over time.


Speed painting

This is the first hyperlapse video I’ve ever made! Plenty of room for improvement, but it’s a great way to show what can be a long process {27 minutes of video in total} in a very short time. And it’s so satisfying to watch something come from nothing. {Watch the longer – but still edited! – version here.}


A contemplative moment

And here’s what it’s like watching paint dry drip. I find it strangely mesmerising.


Tape removal!

Lastly, here’s that deeply satisfying moment when you peel the tape off. {If you haven’t tried this technique, it is amazing for elevating the look of any painting!}


Do you have a favourite aspect of process? Or somewhere you always get stuck? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

If you’re not just curious about the ‘outside’ process, but have a desire to dive into the subtle depths of your own internal creative process, Touchstone could be for you. Over four weeks together we look in detail at who you are, your current lifestyle, your needs and desires, and start to build an artist’s life that not only honours all that but allows you to develop and thrive as the artist you want to be.


  • Thank you Tara for these sneak peeks! I especially love the one of your sketchbook!! Beautiful work there!! And I’m grateful for this 7 day challenge you have offered! I’m going to peruse the worksheet and see if I can participate. But I may do this with my fiber work. I’m not sure how that will translate, but we shall see! I’ll let you know and I’ll hashtag along with you. Thank you again for being such an encourager to artists! We seem to have a similar language and artist heart in all this…I too have 57+ artists living inside of me and STILL, after nearly 20 years, feel I cannot settle down on any one. Well, four seem to be my rotation: drawing, painting, knitting and crochet. What’s a girl to do?? :)) It’s all fun and rewarding. Thank you!

  • Ketki says:

    I am in love with putting colours on boards and now I am that confident too after painting ten to twelve boards that I can paint well without techniques. 😌Just not able to pull out time from parenting( 5 month old baby)

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