creative dessert

I’m trying a new thing. {I know, I’m always trying a new thing; throw enough pasta at the wall and some’s gotta stick right?}

One of my, um, gifts, is a kind of magpie-like obsessive researching and collating of interesting things. I think of it as hunter gathering. It seems to be one of the more productive side effects of having insatiable curiosity, especially when I manage to have just the info someone needs at that very moment.

What it looks like is a ton of interesting links in Evernote relevant to creativity and art, {let’s not even talk about what else is in there}, and I’d like to share the best of these with you each month, for your edification and delight, as my dad would say. I’m calling it Creative Dessert as it’s full of creativity related yumminess.

So, grab a spoon and enjoy!

*Even the most experienced creators sometimes suffer from impostor syndrome; here’s a reminder that doubts and fears need not stop you.

*A field guide to procrastinators. A fun look at ways people find not to do stuff, like make art. {I can identify with NINE of them. Hmm.} Now stop procrastinating and go make some art!

*Why creative people sometimes make no sense. I wish this info had been around when I was younger and couldn’t understand why I was such a contradiction.

*If you love maps like I do, this article will fascinate, surprise you and make you laugh by turns.

*Gillian Lee Smith is an incredibly talented British artist I admire enormously; she wrote a great post about what she’s been learning about making art recently {with useful and practical things you can do too}.

* Make more time for art by making to do lists that actually work {plus a couple of interesting/hilarious examples by famous people}

* A great little cartoon about making friends with failure {not my favourite f word but the message is good}

* Last but not least, I’ve been excited to be featured on two blogs I love over the past month, Kind Over Matter and Scoutie Girl. And even more excitingly, I’ve been asked to be a regular contributor to Scoutie Girl! I’m really going to have to start scheduling like a grown up now.

Starfish by Tara Leaver


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